Yay animation boxYay animation box
Yaybox i anvendelse
Yaybox i anvendelse
Yaybox i anvendelse

Yay Animation Box

Yay Animation Box is an easy way to start working with animation in schools.

Childhood has changed rapidly over the past few years – and the methods that we use as teachers and educators of children and young people should reflect these changes.

Children learn best (and most!) when they enjoy what they are doing and are motivated.
Using animation as a tool to encourage and develop children’s learning is not only fun but effective!

By using animation children develop skills and competencies in:
• Visual communication
• Cognition
• Observation
• Concentration
• Problem-solving
The method of animation as a learning tool can help create children who can more easily solve assignments in a supplementary flexible, creative and cooperating way. Furthermore it can make children much more aware of Medias which they already spend a lot of time around.

The Yay Animation Box includes:
- 1 license to Stop Motion Pro, the animation program
- 2 DVDs with teaching materiel
- 1 camera-arm with a camera
- 11 Cards with inspiration and a guide
The price is: 2500 Danish krone ex. VAT (approximately 330 euro) Without Stop Motion Pro licens the price is 2200 kr. ex. VAT.

For ordering the Yay Animation Box: Contact Modul Retail Solution at info@modul-rs.dk or +45 86823422
For more information contact Ditte at: yay@animwork.dk
The Yay Animation Box is made in cooperation with Center for Education and Animation, Modul Retail Solution A/S in Denmark and Stop Motion Pro in Australia.

The Centre for Animation Pedagogics (CAP) is a development department focusing on the use of anima¬tion in teaching, communication and pedagogics. Animation has proven to be a fantastic learning tool to many different groups. The youngsters are highly mo¬tivated when they work with animation because they know the media from their daily life, they are in con¬trol, they get to use their imagination and they quickly achieve visible results of their work. This motivation is the foundation for many projects carried out by the de¬partment. The educational foundation, which CAP is based on, is 20 years of practical learning and the use of animation as a didactic tool appropriate for all age groups. For more information see at: www.animwork.dk

Modul Retail Solution A/S is a Danish company that designs equipment and furniture to retail and public institutions. They design and create overall solutions, and they like to be involved all the way from concept development to the last graphic expression as the finishing touch when a decoration is complete. Their core areas are bookstores, cafés, museum shops and libraries. For more information see at: www.modul-rs.dk

Stop Motion Pro is a software tool for making animated films. The company has many years of experience, and Center for Education and Animation has used stop motion pro in the past several years and believes that it is the lead in animation programs for educational use; it is therefore the program that is included in the box set. For more information see at: www.stopmotionpro.com